Tweet Tips: Keep these things in mind while tweeting, otherwise you may have to go to jail

Twitter Rules- Twitter is a very good platform to have your say. It has crores of users all over the world who keep tweeting on some topic every day. Today, from all the ministers of the government to the government department, they are active on Twitter. This increases the responsibility in the usefulness of Twitter. Like the rest of the social media platforms, you can be taken legal action against you for tweeting wrong on Twitter, due to which you may have to go to jail. We are going to tell you some rules of Twitter, by following which you can use Twitter carefully.

Use of incorrect language

By a user In the tweet made, if he has used wrong language against any person, religion, caste and community etc.

objectionable photo

Even if someone shares an objectionable or inflammatory photo of a person, organization or community on Twitter Legal action can be taken. And that person may have to go to jail. After this, court-court rounds may also have to be cut. Although in such cases, Twitter itself blocks the controversial tweet, but if Twitter does not block or it is too late and by then someone takes cognizance of that tweet and makes a complaint, then action can be taken against the person who tweeted.

Racial Comment

If a Twitter user makes comments against a particular caste or community in their Tweets, or uses racist words If he does then legal action can be taken against such person as well as he may have to go to jail. Therefore, while giving your point on any topic, one should avoid making wrong comments.

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