Truecaller will make contact with government officials, Truecaller’s new government directory made the work easier

Truecaller Digital Govt Directory : Truecaller has added Digital Government Directory on its platform for the convenience of common people. With this, users will be able to identify whether the person calling is a government official or a scammer. The new feature will help citizens connect with government officials. This will include the numbers of ministries. A total of 20 Central Ministries numbers from 23 States and Union Territories have been included in the in-app Government Directory, in which information has been taken directly from the government and official sources. Truecaller also said that it will expand the directory with new numbers in various departments and states.

Fraud will be curbed

According to Truecaller, scams are being done through calls in India. Forgery and fraud are being done in the name of government officials from these calls, and these cases are increasing rapidly. In such a situation, keeping in mind the safety of the citizens, the company has added the government directory on its platform, which will prevent the increasing cases of scams. Through this, 240 million Indian users of the country will be able to easily contact the government.

This is how verified government contacts will appear

According to Truecaller, if the call coming to you is from the verified government number, then green color will appear in its background. Apart from this, blue tick will also show on the contact. With this, users will be able to easily identify the verified contact. The company wants to expand this directory. For this, she is also in talks with many departments. For this, a process is being worked out, with the help of which government agencies will be able to easily add their contact details to the directory.

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