Train waiting ticket is not confirmed then you will get free flight tickets, this app is providing facility

Train Tickets: If ever your train ticket remains in waiting, then you will always be worried about your journey whether the ticket will be confirmed or not. Sometimes a short waiting ticket gets confirmed and sometimes the ticket is not confirmed for a whole week. In such a situation, people have to change plans at the last moment. To help the passengers with this problem, the ticket booking app- Trainman has introduced a new feature, under which the company is giving train trip guarantee to the passengers. In case of non-confirmation of train tickets, the company will arrange free flight tickets so that passengers can complete their journey. Let’s know about this in detail.

Working of Trip Assurance Feature

Trainman App has introduced a new feature called ‘Trip Assurance’. This new feature guarantees the train passengers with waiting list to complete their journey. A person who has booked a train ticket through Trainman can check the status of his ticket in the app itself. If the passenger does not get a confirmed ticket, then the app shows a prediction meter showing the chances of the ticket being confirmed. Trip Assurance helps passengers search and book last-minute alternative travel options in case ticket confirmation is not received before chart preparation.

If a passenger’s ticket prediction meter shows 90 percent or more, the app charges a trip assurance fee of Re 1. If the percentage is less than 90 per cent, the company charges a nominal fee depending on the class of the ticket. The Trip Assurance Fee is refunded to the customers if the train ticket is confirmed at the time of chart preparation. However, if the ticket is not confirmed, the trainman gives the passenger a free flight ticket to complete the journey. This service is currently being introduced in all IRCTC Rajdhani trains and around 130 other trains.

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