Your expensive iPhone can be hacked too! Always remember these 3 things to avoid

Apple iPhone 13 is equipped with many great features. By the way, the company claims that no one can hack the iPhone. But is this correct? If you think that no one can hack your iPhone then you are wrong. There are many ways to hack a device and in most parts this weakness lies in the phone itself.

Today, a hacker does not resort to any virus or malware to hack your device, rather hackers lure you in different ways to install the virus yourself. Doing this makes the job of hackers easier. If you do this then all your data and money can be stolen. iPhone 13 can also be hacked in this way. So let’s know how you can survive.

How your iPhone 13 can be hacked-
There are many ways to hack iPhone and almost all of them can hack users’ phones. This means that when a hacker tries to break into your device, he is not trying to break into the operating system. That’s because it can be quite difficult. Rather, hackers entice users for this work.

If you want to avoid hacking then do not make these mistakes, will always be safe

1) Hacking Via WiFi: Public WiFi networks are the easiest way for a hacker to break into your device. These are everywhere from airports, cafes, restaurants and hotels. You connect your phone to these open networks who do their best to steal your information. Once you are connected to such a network, all your information can be hacked.

2) Hacking Via URL: It is also known as phishing. In this process of hacking iPhone 13, the hacker sends you a link. This link contains lures like winning the lottery, getting a free car. You get all these messages with a link. If you click on these your information may be stolen.

3) Hacking Through Apps: The App Store is quite secure but still there are many apps that play an important role in stealing your money. It disguises itself as a functional application and then steals your information.