Wi-Fi is running slow in the smartphone, this way the speed will be fast

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Slow WiFi speed in Smartphone: Indian users use the Internet a lot. This figure had increased even more at the time of lockdown. During this time, when people were imprisoned in their homes, the use of the Internet had seen a phenomenal increase. Whether the users are using a smartphone of any budget, their phone definitely has internet facility. People use internet in the phone through mobile data or Wi-Fi.

We all have got used to fast internet access. We all love watching non-stop videos and playing mobile games. But if during this time your internet slows down? Many of us have Wi-Fi installed in our homes for faster internet. But many times Wi-Fi also does not support us. It happens many times that Wi-Fi becomes so slow that even an app takes a long time to open. In such a situation, the user has to face trouble. However, it is not that you cannot get rid of this problem. there are many ways. In this article, we are giving you information about some ways through which you will be able to run Wi-Fi in your smartphone at high speed. Let’s study these methods.

Modem Placement: Internet speed also affects the placement of the modem we install in our homes for Wi-Fi. Sometimes the speed in one room is very good but in the other room the speed becomes very slow. In this case, it is the fault of the Wi-Fi router, not the smartphone. However, the fault lies only with the placement. If the modem is put in place, then this problem will be over. Put the Wi-Fi modem in an open area where its waves do not hit the wall or door. With this, wherever you run a smartphone in the Wi-Fi range, you will have fast internet available.

software update: Sometimes software or firmware update can also cause Wi-Fi to slow down in the smartphone. In such a situation, you go into the settings of the phone and check whether any new update has been given by the company for the phone or not. If there is an update, install it. Keep in mind that once the phone is updated, restart the phone once. After this, you will see a difference in the speed of Wi-Fi.

Cache memory: Many times it happens that when we continuously access different websites, their names get saved in the cache memory of our phones. This makes memory so heavy that the phone’s browser becomes slow. With this, the internet speed in the phone also slows down. In such a situation, you will have to delete the cache memory of the phone. For this go to the settings of the browser. Then tap on History. Here you will get the option of clear cache memory. Click this and tick the checkbox of all the given options. Then tap on the clear data. This will delete the cache memory. This will make a difference on the speed of the browser.

Frequency band setting: Frequency band setting also plays an important role in running Wi-Fi slow in smartphones. Currently there are many such smartphones in the market which come with 5 GHz frequency support. In such a situation, it is possible to manually adjust the frequency band setting. But the advice for you is that you leave it on auto mode. If this is done, then the smartphone automatically shifts according to the frequency of the Wi-Fi device. This improves internet speed.

Phone cover: Smartphones have become quite fragile nowadays. In such a situation, mobile covers with many stylish looks are present in the market. We all need a mobile cover to protect our smartphone. But sometimes metal covers or hard plastic shells cover the antenna bands of the phone. With this, Wi-Fi waves in the phone also start to be distorted. Due to this, the internet becomes slow. In such a situation, check the internet speed by removing the phone cover.