WhatsApp Web: Open chat without having to read messages, easy tricks

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Whatsapp Is the most popular instant messaging app worldwide. Many times it happens that we want to read a user’s message but without opening the chat. There are some tricks through which a user can read the message without knowing who sent the message. If you use WhatsApp on mobile, then you probably know that all the messages in the notification panel can be read without opening the chat. Today we will tell you that Whatsapp web But how to read messages without opening chat.

How can messages be read on WhatsApp web without opening chat? It is very easy and maybe you know this trick too. But those who do not know about this trick and without opening the chat Whatsapp message If you want to study, today we will give them information about it.

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How to read messages on WhatsApp web without opening chat

Step 1: Open whatsapp web

Step 2: Scan the QR Code from mobile app and login

Step 3: If you find a message on WhatsApp web, take the cursor over that chat. By placing the cursor on the chat, you will be able to see the entire message. That is, you will not need to open a chat to read the message. And you can check all the messages on the web version.

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Apart from the notification panel on mobile WhatsApp Messages can also be read using the widget. For this, long-press on the home screen and tap on the widget. Here you will find many shortcuts, for this you have to scroll down. After getting the option, long-press and drag and drop it on a screen. To check the deleted messages, you will also have to download a third party app from the Google Play Store.

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