WhatsApp account has to be deleted? Learn step-by-step method here

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if you WhatsApp Do not want to use or your Whatsapp Data corrupted then you Whatsapp account Can be deleted. Ever since WhatsApp has announced that users’ chat data will be shared with Facebook, a lot of people are thinking of leaving WhatsApp. After WhatsApp’s new data policy, people are now thinking of adopting another messaging app.

Keep in mind that deleting the WhatsApp account means that all your data will be permanently deleted. Even if you reactivate the account again, your deleted data will not be recovered.

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If you also want to join WhatsApp except Messaging app like Signal, Telegram, then WhatsApp account has to be deleted. But how to get rid of WhatsApp completely? Let us tell you the step-by-step way through which you can easily delete WhatsApp account completely.

Learn WhatsApp account The way to delete

  • First open WhatsApp on your phone
  • Now tap on the three dot seen at the top
  • Then go to settings
  • Now tap on account
  • Tap on Delete my account option shown in Account.
  • After this enter your phone number with the country code
  • Now tap delete my account
  • Now Indicate the reason you are asked to delete the account.
  • Then tap delete my account
  • Once again you have to tap Delete my account to confirm.

Xioami launches Me security camera and smart lock, will become home smartKeep in mind that after tapping on the Delete my Account button on the final page, your account and all data will be deleted. If you want to join WhatsApp again, you will have to create a new account. So before deleting the account, back up your essential WhatsApp data like chat, media and documents. Also, inform your WhatsApp contacts whether you have joined another messaging app or not.