Train’s confirmed ticket will be available in minutes, use UPI from a wedding machine like this

New Delhi. There was a time when one had to stand in a long queue outside the ticket counter of the railway station to book a train ticket, but now you can do it from the comfort of your home. Booking tickets online has become very easy thanks to the train ticket booking app. This entire process takes less than 20 minutes. However, many times you are not able to plan in advance and go straight to the railway stations a few hours before the journey. But to avoid standing in line in such situations, now one can book air tickets using UPI at ticket vending machines.

Paytm has partnered with Indian Railways to enable users to access the digital ticketing service through automated ticket vending machines installed at railway stations across the country. Now users have the option to make digital payment for the ticketing service through UPI. The new ticketing process is already operational in all ATVMs of many railway stations in India.

Passengers can buy not only platform tickets but also unreserved train tickets by scanning the QR code available on ATVMs. Passengers can use payment options through Paytm Wallet, Paytm UPI and others.

Here we are explaining how you can make digital payment on ATVM?

On ATVM, select the route for booking the ticket or enter your smart card details if you want to recharge it.

Then the ATVM will display a QR code. You can scan the code and make payment using your Paytm app.

When you scan the code a physical will be generated and the machine will issue the ticket for you. This process will only take a few minutes and by using it you can save a lot of time and avoid being misled by people. The lines in front of ATVM machines are always shorter as compared to ticket counters.