The phone will unlock itself as soon as it reaches home, learn more and similar tricks

Often, when we are in office, we have to keep our phone in Vibrate / Silent mode but when we come home, we forget to bring the same phone to ring mode and most of the urgent calls are missed. In such a situation, you may have to face many problems. To avoid this, you can use Google’s Trusted Places feature. With the help of this, the lock will be removed from the phone as soon as you reach home. Also, it will move from Vibrate / Silent to ringtone mode.

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To set the Trusted Place l in the phone, first go to the settings of the phone, then go inside the Smart Lock. You can also reach that option by going to the search menu of the phone and searching for smart lock l directly. k To enter Smart Lock l, a password will be required, after typing it, you will get Smart Lock options. At the top of this is k on body detection. The second number is the option named k Trusted Place l. After this, users can join the location at which they want to keep their phone unlocked by going to k ad trusted place. Keep in mind that if you want to include the location of the house or the location of the office, then keep in mind that you are at home at that time because Trusted Place takes the current location from GPS. More than one location can be included in it. For that, you have to click on the option named Ad Place.

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Vibrate mode will be turned on as soon as you reach office
Phone calls in the office or college class start ringing loudly, which can be embarrassing at times. To avoid this, you can use the k routine routine of Google Assistant. In the routine, the user can also make changes according to his needs.

How to set
For this, first of all, say in front of the phone, Google, so that the voice assistant can be activated. After this, click on the ‘Explore l’ option at the bottom right of the phone screen. After this, on the right side, you will get a profile photo on Gmail, click on it. By doing this, a small screen will open, in the gym there will be an option named Settings, click on it. In it, you will get the letter k written, your assistant will also see the letter l written on which you have to click. After clicking on k assistant l some new options will start appearing on the screen, after scrolling down in those options, an option called k routine l will appear. k routine l will have some ready made options, which will be good morning, bed time leaving home, i home and commuting to work.

On going to office, you will automatically start walking songs or news
If you are going to office, then Google Assistant’s k commuting to work k option can prove useful for you. For this, after Google, let’s say go to work, then after today’s call, information related to the calendar and weather information will be available, then music or news will start ringing. Keep in mind that you can change this. To make the change, first you have to go under the option named routine and click on the option k commuting to work l, then click on the option k add action l given in blue below. After doing this, there will be two options, from which click on browser popular action. Most settings can be customized from volume to volume.

The message will automatically go before going home
The user is going back home and he wants Google to automatically message if he gives information about this to his parents, siblings or wife. For this, after clicking on the home routine, you will have to go to the k add action l, then in the communication options at the bottom, the user will see the option of send a text name, click on the box in front of it so that it becomes blue. And then on the other side of this box will be the settings icon, click on it. After doing this, two boxes will appear in front of you, putting the number you want to send on the topmost box, and then the message can be typed in the box below.

What is google assistant
Google Assistant is specially designed for the convenience of the smartphone user, who answers the questions. If you ask any question on Google, then it gives 80 percent of the answer correctly. With Google Assistant, you can do anything by giving voice commands. Whether you want to search on the Internet, you can.

Google Assistant was launched in 2016, which was then part of Google Home.
In 2017, it also started in phones with Android operating system.

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