The hassle of typing location over and over again, location will be saved in one click on Google Maps

New Delhi| Google Maps has added new features to improve the experience of its users. In which facilities like toll price estimation and checking traffic status are included. Google Maps now helps users in many things along with showing the location. There is another useful feature of this which is given in Google Maps which offers users the feature to drop any location on the map which can be shared with their family and friends. This feature is useful even when there is no address of a location or is away from the road network. The Dropping Pin feature is available for Android, iOS and desktop users.

How to Pin Location in Google Maps
Follow these steps to drop pin location in Google Maps on Android, iOS and Desktop

Step 1: First of all open Google Maps app
Step 2: Long press and hold the location then you will see a red pin on this location
Step 3: You will see many options below for that location
Step 4: Now you can start navigating by tapping on “Directions”, “Start”
Step 5: Users also get the option to “save” and “share” the pin location on other social media channels including WhatsApp
You can also label this pin location on the app by tapping on the “Label” option. Then just enter the type of location.

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