Smartphone battery runs out quickly, so follow these methods to charge

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Many times our phone leaves us only when necessary work is done. It is discharged due to low battery. If we are at our home then we can put the phone on charging but if we are out somewhere and there is no means of charging the battery then the phone remains off. Many times it happens that we have charged the phone 100 percent, but its battery runs out very quickly. In such a situation, it is very important to let the phone charge properly. Many times people keep the phone on charging continuously so that the battery of the phone does not drain. But this increases the chances of battery malfunction. In this case, we are telling you in this post what is the right way to charge the phone.

In this way, charge the phone correctly:

It is right to charge the phone’s battery a little bit. If you charge 30 to 40 percent of the phone at one time, it does not affect the battery much.

Many times it happens that people do not charge the phone until it is completely discharged. While this is not correct. According to experts, if the phone is fully discharged and charged, it is not good for the battery. In this case, if the phone is left 15 or 20 percent, then put it on charging.

Experts say that it is considered best to keep the phone battery at 65-75 percent. This makes the phone’s battery last longer.

It is also said that the phone should never charge 100 percent. According to experts, modern lithium ion batteries do not require a full charge.

It is not okay to remove the charger immediately after charging the battery. This damages the mobile battery.

Whenever you charge the phone, charge it by turning on the flight mode. This causes the phone to charge quickly and accurately. Let me tell you that by keeping the phone in flight mode, all the calls and messages of the phone are disabled.

The phone should always be charged with its original charger. If you use a charger other than the original charger, it may damage both the phone and the battery.

It would be better if you switch off the phone and let it charge itself. This causes the phone to charge quickly. When the phone is switched off, its background apps do not work. This causes the phone to charge quickly.

Turn off the phone’s data connection, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS while charging the phone. This keeps the battery consumed. In such a case, whenever you charge your phone, disable these options.