Send messages on Whatsapp anytime, schedule this way in advance

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WhatsApp The most used instant messaging app in the world. Users use it every day in today’s time. WhatsApp also allows its users to send documents including messages, photos and videos.

However, many times it happens that we want to wish a person on an auspicious occasion or birthday etc. But forget the day on which we have to wish. In this case, the message schedule feature is useful. But WhatsApp has not officially released any such feature.

In such a situation, many apps in this regard on Google Play Store can be very useful for you. These are all third party apps that you can use easily. Through these apps, you can schedule any message on WhatsApp. Although all these apps are free, but for some features you have to pay extra.

In this article, we can give you information about one of these apps. Here we are telling you about the SKEDit app.

Here’s how to schedule a message on WhatsApp:

  • First of all, download and install the SKEDit app from Google Play Store in your phone.
  • Now open the app. Here you will be asked to sign in or create count. You can also sign in with Facebook.
  • You must agree to the rules before signing in.
  • After signing in, the main screen of the app will open in front of you. There will be 4 options here. First call, second SMS, third email and fourth WhatsApp.
  • In this, you have to tap on WhatsApp and tap on the Done given below.
  • After this, 5 options will be present on the screen. Here you will get the information of schedule message.
  • If you want to schedule a message on WhatsApp, then tap on WhatsApp. Then a pop-up will come in that you have to tap on Enable Accessbility.
  • Doing so will open the settings. Tap on Installed Services here and then tap on SKEDit to turn it on. After this, another pop-up will come to allow it. Then return to the app again.
  • Then a screen will open in front of you from where you will be able to schedule the message.
  • Here in To, you have to enter the name of the message for which you want to schedule. Tapping on it will bring you a pop-up. Make it OK. WhatsApp will open as soon as you tap on it. Tap on whatever you want to message from here. As soon as tapped, its name will appear in To on SKEDit.
  • Then we will have to write the message below. After this, select Time and Date. Then tap the right sign above.
  • On clicking this, you will be asked for a screen lock. Set it to your liking. Then a pop-up will come for another battery, also set it as stated.
  • After this, your message will reach the other person on time.