Send Confidential Mail with expiry date to Gmail, learn how

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There are many such features on Gmail, which many people do not know about. One of them is Confidential Mode. If you want to send an e-mail whose access only you have, then this mode gives you the facility. In Confidential mode, we mail to someone, but access to that email is not always with him. For some time he can see or read that mail. In this feature, we can put the date of expiration date of our email. After applying this setting, that email cannot be forwarded, copied, printed or downloaded.

We are telling you how you can put Confidential Mode in your sent email:

1. Open Gmail first.

2. Click Compose to send the email.

3. To create confidence, click on a clock-lock icon at the bottom of the Compose box.


4. Then select a date for the email to expire and put a passcode in it.


5. You will be given 2 options for passcode: – ‘Without SMS passcode’ and with ‘SMS passcode’.

6. In the option ‘No SMS Passcode’, the person receiving the email will be able to see the email without any password. At the same time, with the option of SMS passcode, you will have to put the password on the email that will go to it through text message. Just remember that while entering the passcode, send the number to the person to whom you are sending the email.


7. Finally click on Save.

Now if you want to send a Confidential Email to someone from mobile, then you have to:

1. Open Gmail first.

2. To send an email, go to the Compose box.

3. Go to the More option at the top and click on Confidential Mode there.

4. Turn on Confidential Mode.

5. Enter expiry date, passcode and other items.

6. Done that email.

Keep in mind that the email that is being sent in Confidential mode cannot print, forward or copy it. However, screenshots or photos of that email can be taken.