Learn the online way of porting numbers on Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone

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Due to Corona virus, most people in the country are currently doing ‘work from home’. In such a situation, dependence on the Internet has increased more than ever. If you cannot afford a Wi-Fi connection then it means that you are completely dependent on mobile data. So it is important that your mobile network is strong for downloading and uploading files, calling and video calling experience. If the speed of your mobile data keeps on increasing – then your work will also be affected. The only solution is to port your mobile number to another network.

If your mobile data is slow, then try these methods first:

* Turn off and turn on the mobile data option in the notification shade
* Switch off your device or put the airplane mode on, then switch it on.
* Check the validity of mobile prepaid recharge.
* Speedtest.com on Google or download the app and do internet speed check. If the speed is slow then contact your service provider.

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In some cases you can follow these tips if you face a network problem. But if this problem persists then porting the number to another network is the best way. But how will the number port without going out of the house amidst the corona virus epidemic? Let us tell you how you can port online numbers.

Reliance live Online way to port mobile number to

* Download MyJio App from Google Play Store or App Store
* Open the app and go to the Port section seen at the top.
* In the app you will see two options: ‘Get a new Jio SIM and keep the existing number ‘and’ change the network ‘.
* Now choose between prepaid and postpaid SIM as per your need
* Now choose a plan according to your needs
* Confirm your location
* You will get two options – Doorstep and store pickup.

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If you do not want to go to an out-of-home store, proceed with the Doorstep option. Select date and time as per your convenience. You can also track the delivery of the new SIM.

Online way to port mobile number on Airtel

* Download the AirtelThanks app from Google Play Store or App Store.
* Then select the plan and confirm the request for the port-in.
* After this, Airtel will send an executive on the address given by you so that your details can be collected and new SIM delivered.

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Vodafone idea Online way to port mobile number

* Go to Vodafone Idea app and enter your name, contact number and city on MNP page
* Now choose Vodafone RED Postpaid plan according to your need
* Click on ‘Switch to Vodafone’ button
* Enter your address and PIN code for free SIM delivery

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