Khatara cooler will also give cool air like AC, just do these 3 important things

Cooler Cooling Tips: To avoid the humidity in this scorching summer season, some people use AC at home and some people use coolers. But if your old cooler is not giving you the feeling of cold air like AC and because of this you also get sweaty even sitting in front of the cooler at home? So today in this article we will tell 3 important tips that how your old cooler can give you cool air like AC.

Cooler is not giving cold air then do this work
If you too are not able to get cool air like AC from your cooler, then a big reason behind this can also be that the time has come to change the cooler grass. Yes, if you have not changed the grass of cooler this season so far, that is, you are running the grass of the previous season, then many times it happens that dust gets accumulated in the grass and this dust gets deposited due to water. This is the reason why the flow of air is not completely possible and then you leave the AC and you do not get the air in the cooler as much as the fan, if you also want cold air, then first of all change the grass of the cooler.

protect from direct sunlight
Most of us make such a mistake that we place the cooler in such a place where there is direct sunlight, due to doing so, the Desert Cooler or any other cooler installed in the house does not give a feeling of cold air. If you also want that you keep getting cool air from the cooler like AC, then keep the cooler in a place where there is no direct sunlight.

See Why Ventilation Is Most Important
Whether you have a Desert Cooler or an Air Cooler, keep the cooler in a place where there is a way for ventilation. If the ventilation is not done properly, then the cooler installed in your house will give you a feeling of humid air, not cold air like AC. That’s why always keep the knot in the fact that cross ventilation is the most important.