Keep these things in mind while running WhatsApp, your work will help you avoid big losses

New Delhi| WhatsApp is an app that is used by almost every generation. Whether it is an out-of-school child or a senior citizen of 75 years of age. People also share images, audios, files on this app along with chatting. However, it can also be misused. Many hackers and cybercriminals try to harm the users by using this app, as well as some people are also successful in spreading wrong information on it. Users do not know that anything like this can happen to them or they can also become a victim of this hacking. In such a situation, here are some safety tips and tricks. (WhatsApp Tips) Have shared through which you can stay secure while using WhatsApp.

forward message
Before forwarding any message on WhatsApp, it is important to check it properly. WhatsApp has created a label for all the forwarded messages and has also set a limit for forwarding a message to the users. Messages on WhatsApp can often be wrong as they have no source.

fact checking message
In India, there are 10 independent fact checking organizations on WhatsApp that help users identify, review and verify information. These methods can be a great help in curbing the spread of misinformation on the platform. In addition, WhatsApp enables its users to verify information by texting The Point Institute’s IFCN WhatsApp chatbot to validate a message or information.

two-step verification
WhatsApp provides two-step verification facility to the users so that users can keep their account secure. Which requires a six-digit PIN while resetting and verifying your WhatsApp account. This is helpful in case your SIM card is stolen or their phone is tampered with.

block and report
WhatsApp also allows users to block their accounts. If someone receives an annoying message, they can either report it or even block the contact. In addition, WhatsApp now offers people the option to keep reported messages on their phones if they want to share them with a fact-checking or law enforcement official.

private chat
WhatsApp has a feature called ‘disappearing messages’ where new messages sent in individual or group chats disappear depending on the time period chosen by the users. Another option is ‘View Once’ which enables users to send photos and videos that disappear from the chat once they are opened.

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