Keep important documents in computer like this

To keep the necessary documents or important files safe, we keep them in a box and lock it, but what to do when the file is digital and it is safe in the computer? Let us know some such special tips, which will help in saving the file in the computer.

Both Apple’s Mac OS and Windows OS have pre-loaded tools to encrypt data in the operating system (OS). Users can lock and unlock it with the help of their common account and password. Apart from this, users can also save their second password.

Mac OS
Users using Apple’s Mac OS can activate the file wallet feature. For this, first go to System Preferences. There you will find Security & Privacy, click on it. After that we will go to FileVault. Under this feature, users can encrypt the entire data of their hard drive. If you want to protect the data contained in USB drive or pen drive then for this you have to right click, then after clicking on Finder, choose Encrypt.

Windows os
Encrypting files on Windows is a bit more difficult than on Mac OS. Some computers automatically encrypt files. To check this, you must first go to the settings of the computer. Then after selecting the system, click on ‘About’. Now scroll down and click on Device Encryption. If your computer does not have this feature, then Windows offers another such feature, called BitLocker. To use this bit locker, go to the control panel. Then click on System and Security. After this, click on Manage BitLocker which appears on the screen. BitLocker will also encrypt data of pen drive along with external drive.

What is cloud storage
The data that is stored in mobile, computer and pen drive is a digital medium of data storage. Cloud storage is a virtual means of storing data. In this, data is not in the local drive of your phone or computer. The digital data of your phone or computer is stored on the server of another company and you can access this data through many means. This data is managed by the hosting company. In this, applications are used for data storage. Space in cloud storage is given by companies.

Lock pen drive with bit locker
Click ‘Start’ in the computer or laptop to set the password on the pen drive or hard disk. After that go to ‘Computer panel’. Here, you will find ‘View by’ written on the right side, click on it and select ‘Large icon’. Then click on BitLocker Drive Encryption. After the new screen opens, a drive connected to the computer will appear in it. It will also have the option of ‘pen drive’. A bit locker will be written in front of it, click on it. By doing this, a new window screen will open, in which you have to type the password for the pen drive. After that the option of ‘Next’ will appear on that screen, click on it and proceed. Now two options will appear on the screen, out of which, save the password will be written and select it. After this the user’s pen drive will be easily secured.

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