Internet will run at a fast speed, just do these settings in WiFi

If your home WiFi runs slow and you have to struggle to run the internet, then it will not happen now because how we have come up with a way for you, due to which you can increase the speed of WiFi so much that if there are many connections in your house at the same time. Even if it happens, everyone’s internet will run at a banging speed. We are going to tell you about very easy settings to boost WiFi speed.


With every WiFi you get an app and you can optimize WiFi by going to the app. . In such a situation, today we would advise you that if the internet runs slowly, then you must optimize its speed.


If your wifi is running slow and you are having difficulty in running the internet then you can reboot it starts running.

power off

If you power off the WiFi, then the speed of the internet can be increased even though it does take some time but once the device is fully on, then its speed becomes the same again.

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