Internet does not work even after coming to the network? Make these changes in mobile, the problem will be solved in a pinch

New Delhi. There are many problems regarding the speed of the internet in the smartphone. Many times, even after the arrival of mobile network, the speed of the internet becomes very slow or not, then you can also fix it by making some changes in the mobile. It is generally seen that we trace the fault of the network provider.

Put the phone on Airplane mode-

You can use Airplane Mode in case of no internet connection continuously. After doing the mobile on this mode, no one’s phone will come. That’s why it is important that whenever you keep the phone on this mode, then do the necessary work first. After keeping it on this mode for some time, you turn off the Airplane mode of the phone. With this the network of your phone will be refreshed and the internet of the mobile will also be boosted along with the network.

Restarting mobile data will solve the problem-

Be it iPhone or Android, this option is there in everyone. You can restart mobile data when internet is not working. That is, first turn off Mobile Data and then turn on Mobile Data. After this the internet running in your mobile will be refreshed and will run completely fine.

Clear Cache-

After using the mobile browser continuously, the data of the website is stored in the cache. After using one website continuously, the speed of the whole browser becomes slow due to this. That’s why you should clear the cache from time to time. This will fix the speed of both your phone and the internet. Although mainly the network of your phone is responsible for the speed of the internet, but sometimes the internal software of the phone also helps a lot in boosting it.