IMEI Number Check: How to find IMEI number of Android and Apple iPhone

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There are times when you need to IMEI Number is required. Whether you are selling your old phone or exchanging while buying a new phone. Tell you how you can find the IMEI number and every detail related to it.

What is IMEI number?
During the production of the device, the manufacturers assign a unique number to each device, this is called the IMEI number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. And it is very important to know this number in order to track the phone lost or stolen and to block the network. The police also need an IMEI number to blacklist the IMEI number or ban the local network from calling.

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Android, feature phone and Apple iphone Check the IMEI number as
USSD codes are the simplest way to find the IMEI number of phones from brands such as Samsung, Me, Reality, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Apple. The best thing about this method is that it works on almost all mobile phones. Learn IMEI number using USSD code like this …

Go to your phone’s dial app first
Now you have to dial * # 06 # from the phone
As soon as you press the hash button, the IMEI number will appear on your screen.
After this you can note the number or take a screenshot and save it in your Google Drive.

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Second Way: How to find IMEI number on iPhone
The IMEI number was very easy to find for iPhone users. Until the iPhone 5 series, the IMEI used to dig (dig) on ​​the rear panel of the Apple handset. But with the launch of the iPhone 6 series, the company stopped engraving the IMEI number on the rear panel of the phones. Earlier, the IMEI number was printed on the SIM tray of iPhones 4s. But new iPhone users can follow these steps to find the IMEI number of their phone …

Go to the Setting app first
Select General from the list and tap on About
In the About section, you will find the IMEI number and all the necessary details.

Another way to check IMEI number on Android device
If you forget the USSD code method then you can adopt this simple way to find IMEI number on your Android smartphone.

Go to the Setting app first
Now scroll down to the Status option
Select the Status option and now you will see the IMEI number on the display.

Feature phone users can check the IMEI number using the USSD code. Or you can see it by removing the battery because the company prints the IMEI number on the sticker inside the phone. Take out the battery to check the IMEI number. It is worth noting that the IMEI number is also written on the retail box and bill.