If you want to create distance from Instagram, then delete the account, follow these easy steps

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The social media site Instagram has become a great platform to keep friends and family connected. This is a photo sharing app, which gives you the opportunity to take pictures, make videos, edit and share them with friends. But sometimes we get bored of it and want to stay away from it for some days. In such a situation, you start thinking about deleting your Instagram account. You do not understand how to deactivate or delete. In such a situation, we are going to tell you that by completing these easy steps, you can delete your Instagram account and make your data secure.

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Backup photos before deleting instagram account
When you delete your Instagram account, the photos and videos uploaded to your Instagram will also be deleted. So make a backup of them in advance.

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How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

It is easy to delete Instagram account if you know the right steps

Access Instagram from PC and go to home page
Actually, there is no way to delete Instagram account via phone. You have to do this from your computer. Open your favorite browser or search engine and go to instagram.com (instagram.com). You can delete the account created on your smart phone, but for this also you will have to go to your web browser and follow the method given below. Simply deleting the application from your mobile will not delete your account.

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Log in to your Instagram account
Click the Login button on the home page of Instagram. From here you will be redirected to the login page, in which you will have to submit some of your information. To do this, you should know your user name and password. Once you enter the user name and password in the given space, click on the Log In button.

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There is also another way to delete an account.
On the account’s home page, the user name is on the top right side of your screen. Click on your user name. After clicking on the user name, see the option in the drop down box. When you click on your user name a drop down box will appear. It will have an option – Edit Profile, click on this link. Once you have selected the Edit Profile, then after that the page will open, which will contain information about your account (which you can edit now if you want.) Scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will find There will be a button on the side – I’d like to delete my account (I want to delete my account.), Click that link.

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How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently 4

Sometimes in life, social media is disenchanted

Answer instagram questions
Instagram will ask you questions – why do you want to delete the account? Look at the drop down box and click on it. In that drop down box there will probably be a reason why you want to delete the account. Select the reason you feel right (or the one you feel most comfortable.). Most people select the Other Other option, but instead if a good reason is given in the list, click that link. If you have selected any other option other than Other, then submit other fields which are required by Instagram.

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Enter your password again
To do this, you have to click on the box to continue, please re-enter your password. A box will appear, on which Permanently delete my account is written (delete your account forever). If you are sure that you want to delete the account, then press Enter or click on the box. Keep in mind that you cannot resume the username or anything else you have posted from this account, because this account has been deleted forever.

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How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently 2

Your account will be deleted on computer, not mobile

No way to activate account again
There is no way to restart the account after deleting. You cannot sign up again using the same name and email address. The rest of the data (photos, videos or whatever else you have stored) is also deleted. In such a situation, it is better to save your photos, videos and important things in advance on any other photo sharing site.

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Know before delete
You cannot reactivate later by deactivating your Instagram user name. Once you have deleted your account, it will be deleted forever. In future, if you are not completely sure about keeping your account active, then we would advise you not to delete your account, but instead disable the account temporarily.

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How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently 1

Social media has a lot of side effects nowadays.

You can get an account again after disabling
If you have temporarily disabled your account, you can regain the profile and all the previously posted status. But if you have permanently deleted your Instagram account, then your account cannot be recovered. To access this social media app again, you will need to create an account again.

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