How to do WhatsApp messages without showing your family

During lockdown, many people keep talking to their friends to cut time and if you feel that you want to hide some things from your family or siblings, then you can use an app for that, Text on your screen prevents others from reading it.

MaskChat – Hides Whatsapp Chat on Google Playstore is a great Android app designed to keep user’s chatting private. When you have a private chat on your smartphone, then this app hides the screen above your chat with a digital screen. This helps keep your messages private from the peeping neighbors around you.

Also effective for other chatting apps
MaskChat – Hides Whatsapp Chat app is not just limited to WhatsApp but it can also be used for Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Hike and Snapchat. In addition, you can use it to hide your screen while typing the password or while typing the information of the bank.

How to use
After downloading this app, the user will see a floating mask chat icon on the screen, drag this icon from top to bottom on the screen you want to hide from others. Now a digital curtain will come down, which will hide your screen and you can avoid any embarrassing moments when your parents or elder are around you.

Darkness can increase curtains
In this app, the thickness of the curtain given by the company is average, which may make you feel less. For this you can click on the three lined option on the right side of the screen. This will bring three new options in the middle of the screen. With the help of the option among them, you can control the brightness of the screen. You can close the screen by clicking on the cross icon to close it, but the floating maskchat icon will be left behind. You can also change the theme by tapping on the gear icon. After selecting the theme, tap on the Apply theme button below it and apply.

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