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  • Love to watch Netflix?
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  • The craze of OTT platform increased among the people

New Delhi. Ever since the craze of OTT platform has increased among the people, then the usage of mobile data has also increased rapidly. In such a situation, by following some tips, you can manage the Netflix app to ensure less data usage on the mobile plan. how that? Today in this article we will tell you about the same in detail.

Netflix craze increased

Right now, Sweet Tooth, Supernatural, Lucifer, or Humble, old and iconic friends are all obsessed with Netflix. A research by Parrot Analytics shows that Disney+ and Netflix have the highest demand for original content from audiences. The good number of original series available on the streaming platform makes it popular and also makes people addicted to it. This makes it a data hog.

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People spending hours on Netflix, data being spent:

Netflix is ​​so addicting to people that it can keep you/users hooked for hours and silently feed your mobile data. Streaming too many videos can drain your data. In fact, along with Netflix, there are some other apps like Twitter, Instagram, Prime Video, Snapchat and Twitter, which consume a lot of mobile data, if not kept under control.

There is also an option to control data on Netflix:

Thankfully, Netflix has a way to help you take control of its mobile data-consumption process. The company, in February last year, posted a blog announcing a new AV1 codec for Android that offers 20 percent more compression efficiency over the older VP9 encode.

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This blog post read “While we aim to roll out AV1 across all of our platforms, we see the AV1’s compression efficiency as a good fit in the mobile space where cellular networks can be unreliable and our members have limited data.” There are plans. Selected titles are now available to stream, in AV1 for customers who want to reduce their cellular data usage by enabling the “Save Data” feature.

How, what, how much data is spent on Netflix?

Here let us tell you that watching videos on the Netflix app uses different amounts of data per hour depending on the quality of the video. There are 4 video quality settings available in the app. Low video quality consumes 0.3GB data per hour.

This is basic video quality. Medium video quality consumes 0.7GB of data per hour. High is the best video quality, with standard definition consuming up to 1GB of data per hour, up to 3GB of high definition, 4K video consuming up to 7GB of data per hour. Lastly, comes Auto Adjustment, which automatically adjusts to provide the highest possible quality based on your current internet connection speed.

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Option to choose different data settings for each account:

Let us tell you that you can choose different data settings for each account in the app. You can also check your internet speed in the app. Go to Menu option and select App Settings. Scroll down and you will see the Diagnostics section. Below that you will see the option of Internet Speed ​​Test. To know the speed of your internet, you have to tap on it.

4 mobile data settings options for users on Netflix:

Netflix offers 4 mobile data settings to its users – Automatic, WiFi only, Save data and Maximum data. Automatic With Netflix With WiFi only, streaming only happens when connected to WiFi. With Save data, you can watch about 6 hours of video per GB of data. Maximum data is the highest quality possible for your device. However, it is recommended only if you have an unlimited plan.

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Now let us tell you what it takes to change your Netflix settings to help save mobile data.

Here’s how to change data settings on Netflix:

  • First of all, open the Netflix app.
  • Select App Settings.
  • Under Video playback, select Cellular data usage.
  • You can adjust your download data settings.
  • Under Downloads, you can only turn Wi-Fi on or off.
  • After that choose your preferred setting.


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