Haunting fear of Call Recording? Follow these methods, even if you want, recording will not happen

New Delhi. Google has recently changed the Play Store policy. After this Google has completely banned third-party call recording apps. That is, now no such app will be downloaded from the Play Store, so that your call recording can be done. But many smartphone makers offer the option of inbuilt call recording. Today we will tell you about some such methods, after adopting which no one will be able to record your calls even if they want.

Information is available before call recording-

If you want no one to record your call, then listen very carefully after calling someone. Because someone will be recording your call, first notification or information is given on his phone. In this, the listener is told that your call is being recorded from the front. This option is still present in Oppo, Vivo. Anyone recording a call is informed on the phone, but it also needs to be listened to carefully.

Use Whatsapp Call-

To avoid Call Recording, it is best that you use more and more Whatsapp Calls. Right now there are no such apps available which can record direct Whatsapp calls only. The internal recorder of the phone is used to record Whatsapp calls. In such a situation, it is very rare that someone can directly record the call. In such a situation, Whatsapp Call is more secure.

Google Voice App-

You can also use the Google Voice App to call someone. This is an app whose recording is not possible. So if you use this app then you will not have any problem. Also, if someone is recording your call, then it warns you in advance. This is also the biggest feature of this app.