Going to buy a new laptop? Always keep these 5 things in mind otherwise money will be lost

In today’s era, there is so much variety of laptops available in the market that if you go to buy a laptop without any research, then you can be surprised. Gaming culture in India has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, many YouTube stars are also earning a lot of money by streaming gaming live. In such a situation, gaming is not just a means of time pass, but money can also be earned by playing online games with constant hard work and a well thought out strategy.

This is the reason why there has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of gaming laptops in the recent times, although if you are also planning to get a gaming laptop, then these five things must be taken care of.

1) Keyboard and battery backup
Keyboards play a very important role in gaming laptops, so it is important that if you are taking a gaming laptop, then it should have a built-in keyboard. Also make sure that the RGB lights of this keyboard are turned on. Apart from this, another thing that is worth noting is that the thickness of the keyboard frame should be 2 mm, if you are a professional gamer then you should also focus on the n-key rollover. At the same time, a good battery backup is also one of the major needs of a gaming laptop.

2) Display
Whether you are a gamer or not, you also understand the importance of eyes and as a gamer it becomes even more important that you take care of your eyes. Therefore, while buying a gaming laptop, definitely take care of the display of the laptop so that even after playing the game continuously, there is no pressure on your eyes. It is important that your laptop has a high refresh rate.

3) Space
In today’s era, online games take up a lot of space, so the storage of your gaming laptop should be good, so make sure that your laptop must have DDR5 best RAM, PCI and SSD. SSD matters a lot for a smooth gaming experience. Even if your laptop has less storage, then 1 TB SSD or 512 MB SSD extra can be inserted later.

4) Graphics
If you want to buy a gaming laptop and do not want to spend money on graphics, then your gaming experience can be very bad. The graphics have to be good for gaming, AMD and Nvidia provide some high-quality GPUs that will make your gaming performance great, apart from this there are many best graphics cards available in the market.

5) CPU
CPU is considered to be the brain of any laptop, so CPU should be checked before buying any laptop, not just gaming laptop. Most of the modern laptops are based on single core performance, so make sure that your laptop has a fast CPU or not.