Doesn’t sound properly in Android smartphones? Follow these steps for good quality

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In the present time, smartphones are also used for many purposes apart from calls. However, it cannot be forgotten that calling is the main function of the phone. With the changing times, the phone has also undergone many changes like today’s smartphones are equipped with many features, from voice-triggered assistants to super crisp displays. However, there has not been much change in voice quality over time. But if we want, we can improve the quality of voice calls in Android devices. In this article, we have brought some tips for you, through which the voice quality of Android phones can be corrected. So let’s know how the call quality of Android phone can be fixed without going to the service center.

First check the microphone or speaker:

To correct the voice quality, first check your phone’s microphone, earpiece and speaker. Many times the voice quality is reduced due to their being dirty. A super soft bristle toothbrush is said to be the best way to clean them. Sometimes the protective case of the phone also spoils the calling quality of the phone. This disrupts the waves and causes the quality of voice calling to deteriorate.

Turn on high-quality calling:

To improve voice calling quality, you can turn on the HD Voice or VoLTE feature. In many Android devices, you can easily tell whether the phone has HD voice activated or not. HD dialing appears in the top-right corner whenever you call someone. In addition, you can do this option by going to advanced calling. Some smartphone maker companies offer this feature in their phones. At the same time, if your phone is too old then you can call your operator for how to turn on this feature.

Turn on Wi-Fi calling:

If the cellular signal is weak from where you are calling, then you can turn on the option of Wi-Fi calling in your phone. By the way, the voice is very clear in Wi-Fi calling. But at times you may feel some echo. But there is a better Wi-Fi calling option than talking in a weak network. It is also important to keep in mind that support of both phone and carrier is very important for Wi-Fi calling. This is the reason that this feature is not made available on unlocked models due to carrier restrictions.

Make voice calls through the application:

If your phone does not support Wi-Fi calling then you can use apps for calls. Many of these apps can be downloaded for free. Many messaging or calling apps provide high-quality audio. In these, you get clear voice quality. These apps include apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Google Duo.