After typing the keyboard, do typing with the mouse

Suddenly the keyboard of a computer or laptop goes bad, but if you have to do some important work or fill an online form, you can use the preloaded ‘onscreen keyboard’ already present in the computer. This keyboard is operated with the help of a mouse. Apart from this, if you want to write or type an article quickly, then you can take help of some extensions which convert voice into text.

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Find onscreen keyboard like this

Onscreen keyboard is very easy to find, for this click on ‘Start Menu’ of computer or laptop and go to ‘Program’ given there. Here you will find the virtual keyboard written. If you encounter problems, type on screen keyboard in the search bar on Start in Windows-7 and search for it. You can type it by clicking with the mouse. It will show all the buttons that are used in typing.

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The mouse click will work even after it goes bad

The question often comes up is how to type if a mouse click will not work. This problem has also been solved in the on screen keyboard. For this, the mouse cursor has to be moved over the letter you want to type. For example, if you want to type T, move the cursor to T and hold it for some time. After this, this letter will be automatically typed without clicking. For this, the ‘Settings’ of the onscreen keyboard has to be changed.

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Click on the option for setting

In the onscreen keyboard, click on the option given at the bottom right. After this, a new window screen will open there. It will have the option of fourth number ‘hover over keys’, click on it. After this, there will be an option to choose time in it. Time is the time in which placing the mouse on a letter will automatically type itself. You can do it less and more. After this, click on ‘OK’ given below. The mouse click button is fine when changing the setting.

Type by speaking
The onscreen keyboard has its own limitation that it does not allow faster typing. For this, Chrome extension can use VoiceNote II – Speech to text. Any text can be typed by speaking with this extension. Add it to the browser from the Chrome webstore. Open the Chrome browser to use it. After this, click on the option of ‘app’ given on the left. After this, the voice note will appear, clicking on it and use it.

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