This new refrigerator from Samsung will reduce your electricity bill, it has a great way to set curd

Samsung New Refrigerator : Samsung has announced the launch of its new range of Curd Maestro and Digi Touch Cool refrigerators. This will be Samsung’s 2022 range. This new range has been completely designed according to India. Curd Maestro, the world’s first refrigerator to set yogurt, is now available in Bouquet Silver and Midnight Blossom designs. The bouquet silver design is going to get a floral pattern on the steel finish. These refrigerators will keep the food right as well as keep the food ready till curd setting daily.

Work on Touch

Digi Touch’s 2022 Range of Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerators with Colors New Patterns of Flowers – Urban Tropical and Hydrangea To be available in pattern. In these, more space has been provided for storage. These refrigerators come with the patented Digi Touch Cool 5-in-1 technology. This function is given so that consumers can change the settings of their refrigerator without opening the refrigerator door by simply touching it. This allows customers to save electricity by maintaining cooling.

Samsung Curd Maestro and Digi-Touch Cool Refrigerator Price

Curd Maestro and Digi Touch Cool Refrigerators The 2022 range will be available across all retail channels. Also, you can buy it by visiting Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop. Prices of Digi Touch Cool single door refrigerator range start from Rs 18,690 and Curd Maestro Frost Free range at Rs 27,990.

Curd setting feature

Curd is an essential ingredient to be eaten with meals in Indian households, but setting it up is time-consuming and difficult. But now Curd Maestro makes it easy. The refrigerator freezes in 6.5 to 7.5 hours. With this, thin curd can be frozen in 6.5 hours and thick curd in 7.5 hours. When curd is set by hand, milk has to be boiled, then after cooling it has to be mixed with curd. All this takes a lot of time and there are problems too. But Curd Maestro does the work of setting curd on its own. It not only freezes curd but also stores it.

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