This mistake will cost you dearly with a new smartphone, you should be careful while logging in to email.

This mistake will cost you dearly with a new smartphone, you should be careful while logging in to email.

NEW Smartphone Tips: With the advent of the Internet, the use of smartphones has increased rapidly. Now like before, people do not buy smartphones only for making calls, but also use them for banking, study, entertainment and gathering information. Let us tell you that the facilities have increased with smartphones and internet. Along with this, the danger has also increased manifold, about which common people are completely unaware.

Let us tell you that scam cases are increasing rapidly because of smartphones. Because, many people transfer money through internet banking and UPI through smartphones, which directly benefits scammers and they fool you by knowing your debit card, credit card and UPI ID. For this reason, we have brought for you information on ways to avoid scammers. 

Keep these things in mind?

  • To use an Android smartphone, you have to create a Gmail account, with the help of which you can access all the services.
  • Do not share your Gmail password with others, because it Many data related to your phone can be accessed through this.
  • If your phone receives a message which contains an unknown link. So don’t click on it. This may be a trick of scammers.
  • You should not share your OTP with others.
  •  Keep the phone locked. For this you can use pin or pattern. Do not share your PIN or pattern with others.
  • You will also find many bloatwares in it. Don’t click on these. Because they collect your data and later use it for advertising.
  • Be careful about banking details. Until you become friendly with all the features of smartphones, do not use banking services on them.
  • Download any app from Play Store only. Use only official websites to download songs or videos. If not necessary, keep the internet and other important settings off. This makes entry of scammers difficult.
  • If you use WhatsApp, then there is a need to be alert about unknown calls. A WhatsApp call from an unknown number can also be a scam.

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