This is how Chrome browser came to your phone, you will be surprised by this feat of Google

This is how Chrome browser came to your phone, you will be surprised by this feat of Google

Google : A big feat of Google has been exposed recently. Have you ever bought a new smartphone and you already got Google Chrome installed on it? This must have happened to you and your family members many times. Now the question arises that how does this happen and have you ever tried to know the reason behind it? If not, then there is no need to worry, because we are telling you everything about it.

Recently, an antitrust trial has started in Washington, in which the US Justice Department has… Google web browser has been accused of infiltrating mobile phones. Also, the US Justice Department has said that Google spends more than 10 billion dollars every year for this default setting. 

89 percent share of Google in online search

If you or any of your relatives or friends search anything on the Internet, then most of the time you use Google Chrome. In such a situation, Google has 89 percent share in online searches worldwide. The US Justice Department has filed a case against Google regarding this matter. In which many big allegations are being made.

US Justice Department’s government lawyer Kenneth Dintzer alleged that Google has misused its powers. Google demanded default settings to prevent meaningful competition and rivals and spent more than $10 billion annually for this.

Google gave this answer

Google’s lawyer John Schmidlein said that the US Justice Department is wrong to say that the company has broken the law to maintain its dominance. Refuting the US federal government’s claim, he said that Google is extremely popular because of its search capabilities and if a user is dissatisfied with it, he can switch to another search engine with a few easy clicks. >Also read : 

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