This feature of iPhone 14 Series can be found in Samsung Galaxy S23 series, this is how it works

Samsung Galaxy S23: Apple’s smartphones are popular all over the world. The reason for this is their special features. According to the latest reports, the Samsung company is bringing some special features of Apple in its smartphones. It has been informed in the latest reports that the Samsung company is going to give a special feature of its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series Apple. The name of this feature is Satellite Communication. Through this feature, users will be able to make emergency calls even in areas without a network. Let’s know the details related to it.

Unique satellite communication feature

It has been informed in the latest media report that South Korean tech company Samsung is going to provide Unique Satellite Communication (Unique Satellite Communication) feature of iPhone 14 series in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 series. It is reported that the Samsung company has partnered with Iridium Communications for this special feature. Iridium Communications Company provides voice calling and data communication services via 66 low-orbit satellites.

These companies are using satellite connectivity

On the other hand Apple company is working with Global Star Company for satellite connectivity. Apart from Apple and Samsung, Chinese company Huawei has also worked on this feature some time ago. The Chinese company has given satellite connectivity feature in its latest Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro smartphones. Huawei used the Beidou satellite for this feature.

Feature limited to US and Canada

There is also news that the satellite connectivity feature that comes with the iPhone 14 series is currently available only for users in the US and Canada. However, such reports are being received that Apple is soon preparing to roll out this feature in other countries as well. The report also claims that Samsung’s satellite communication feature will allow calling as well as sending text messages and sharing low-resolution images.

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