The production cost of iPhone 12 is around Rs 28,000, so why buy it at double the price? Get to know

iPhone: Apple’s iPhone is known worldwide not only for its features but also for its price. But, you know what? Apple doesn’t make parts for phones that have a worldwide craze. IPhone parts are manufactured by companies in different countries. What exactly is the cost of these parts? How much does it cost to make an iPhone smartphone? Very few people know this. How much does it cost a company to make an iPhone 12 today? We’re going to learn more about this.

Tokyo-based research specialist Fomalhot Techno Solutions has outlined the production costs of this smartphone in their research. There is a big difference between the manufacturer’s price of the iPhone and the market price. Taxes, income tax charges, and other factors have led to an increase in the market value of the iPhone. . The iPhone 12 5G modem costs around 90 90, which is about Rs 6,700 in Indian currency. The iPhone uses Sony’s camera in most models. The iPhone 12 comes with a Sony camera. It costs around 8 8, or about 600 600. The iPhone 12 uses Samsung’s OLED display, and is priced at around 70 70, or about हजार 5,200. Besides, other parts of this smartphone are made in South Korea, Japan and USA. The total price of the iPhone is around 28 thousand. Apple then sells the iPhone at different rates in different countries. The price of an iPhone in India varies from Rs 55,000 to Rs 70,000 depending on the variety.

How the iPhone is priced in India

If iPhone 13 is imported to India, it is subject to 22.5 per cent customs duty. Besides, GST is also levied on these smartphones. At the current rate of GST for iPhone, the buyer has to pay GST of around Rs 11,000.

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