Tesla Humanoid Robot: Musk’s robot will work like humans, it can also be used as a partner

Elon Musk Launch Humanoid Robot: Elon Musk is not only recognized as the world’s richest man, but also for promoting new technology. Musk believes in building the technology of the future. Now his Tesla Auto Pilot car, the project to take people to Mars, is a direct proof of this. In this category, Musk has launched his Humanoid Robot Optimus in an AI event. The feature of this robot has shocked the world. According to Elon Musk, this robot of his will give more success in business than his car business business. Let’s know about this robot in detail.

Robots act like humans

The prototype of this robot was lowered on the stage and along with it a video of it is also shown, in which this robot is seen lifting the box, watering the plants and working like humans. In this program, Musk said that our aim is to make this humanoid robot as soon as possible.



— Tesla (@Tesla) October 1, 2022

Production likely to start next year

Humanoid Robot Optimus will be able to do this job

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