Telegram broke records! So many features launched together, will your experience change from them?

Telegram New Features: Telegram is called a competitor of WhatsApp. Telegram also keeps making many efforts to improve its platform. In this episode, to make the experience of the users better, Telegram has launched many features simultaneously. Some of these are such that users are telling better than WhatsApp. Talking about these, the newly launched features include functions like signing in without a SIM card, auto delete all chats, ultimate privacy, aggressive anti spam. Let us know about them in detail. 

Login without SIM card

In Telegram, users have the option to hide their phone numbers. Now with the new update, users are also being given the facility to log in without a SIM card. Telegram said that you will be able to create a Telegram account even without a SIM card. In addition, you can log in using blockchain-powered anonymous numbers found on the Fragment platform.

Auto-delete all chats

Through this new feature of Telegram, you can set a global auto-delete timer to automatically remove messages in all new chats. This won’t affect your existing chats, but you can easily set it up in your auto-delete settings. 

Topics 2.0

Telegram in its last update gave the admin of large groups the option to organize discussions in the latest topics in messaging. In the new update, this feature has now been made available for groups with 100 or more members.

aggressive anti-spam

Administrators of groups with more than 200 members can use the Aggressive Anti-Spam feature for automatic spam filtering. This will make users’ privacy more secure.

Temporary QR Codes

If you do not have a user name on Telegram and do not want to share your number, then you can generate a temporary QR code. By scanning this code, people can add you to their contact list instantly.

Emoji Search

iPhone users of Telegram can search emoji. This feature is already available on Android. Apart from these features, users have also been given the option of detailed storage, new custom emoji and interactive emoji.

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