Tech Tips: WhatsApp video calls will be recorded in a pinch, just follow these steps

Video Call Recording Tips: WhatsApp has become the most easy to use app in the world. That is why this app will be easily found in the mobile of most of the smartphone users. Apart from WhatsApp, there are many apps which provide instant messaging facility. But out of all of them, the number of users of WhatsApp is the highest. With this, you can send messages as well as make audio and video calling. But many times people need to record video calls. So that they can see those things again. But there is no such option on WhatsApp yet. For this, we are going to tell you a method by which you will be able to record video calls.

How to Record Video Call (XRecorder) in Android Phone

Android smartphone users can download this app (XRecorder) by visiting Google Play Store. Download this app and install it, except for some permissions asked on it. After this you will see the recording symbol of this app on the mobile screen. Now you will never again have to worry about recording incoming or outgoing video calls. You can do this, apart from this, if your phone has the option of screen recording, then you can also record the screen using it.

IOS User WhatsApp Video Call Recording

iPhone users can also use the app, but they will not need to do so. WhatsApp video calls can be recorded very easily in iPhone. For this, first make a video call, after making the call, swipe up from the bottom of the phone. Here you will get the option of screen recording. If not found, enable this option by going to the control center in the phone’s settings. Now your WhatsApp video call will start recording.

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