Social Media Influencers and Celebrities be careful, rules will have to be broken heavily, fine up to 10 lakhs fixed

Social Media Guideline for Promotion: The Central Government has decided to issue a guideline for Social Media Influencers and Celebrities. For violating the guidelines, a fine of up to 10 lakhs can be imposed on the culprits for the first time and if the rule is violated again and again, then in that case the culprits can also be fined from 20 to 50 lakhs.

Soon the government will issue detailed guidelines in this regard for social media influencers and celebrities. Let us tell you that the craze of social media is increasing among the people and at the same time people follow social media influencers and celebrities a lot and are also inspired by them. In such a situation, it has become necessary for the government to issue guidelines regarding this and that is why in a few days the government has decided to issue guidelines.

Rules for Social Media Influencers and Celebrities

Let us tell you that in June, a similar guideline was issued by the government for star endorsers, in which misleading advertising and marketing communication was investigated and many provisions were imposed. 

what are the rules

As we have come to know from the sources, action will be taken against any social media influencers and celebrities supporting any fake product or giving false information or promoting any brand without investing.

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