Shocking: The camel was coming down from the mountain, suddenly the foot slipped and…

Trending Video: You must have heard this phrase- ‘Now came the camel under the mountain.’ It means that whoever considers himself to be the most powerful and powerful, there is definitely someone over him. No one is omnipotent. This idiom is often used to explain this, but a video is becoming viral on social media, in which this idiom has been proved to be 100 percent correct. 

The phrase came true!

Camel and Mountain….

— LP Pant (@pantlp) July 5, 2022

Camels and Mountains

In this video going viral, you can see a camel on the mountain. The camel tries to get down from the mountain. Due to the long legs, it is difficult for the camel to descend. Suddenly the foot of the camel slips and it falls down on the road with a lot of gusto. People are sharing this incident by saying that now the camel came under the mountain. However, the height from which the camel has fallen must have been hurt.

video went viral 

Now came the camel under the mountain, the phrase has proved to be absolutely correct in real life. Social media users are also giving different reactions after watching the video. This video has been shared by LP Pant on the social media platform Twitter. He wrote in the caption – Camel and Mountain. More than 1.60 lakh people have seen this video shared just 19 hours ago. More than 5.7 thousand people have also liked the video. 

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