Shock to Twitter’s iPhone users! The company can cost Rs 906 for Blue subscription

Twitter Subscription Hike For iPhone Users: Twitter has given a big blow to iPhone users. Reports are coming out that Twitter may increase its Blue subscription for iPhone users. For iPhone users, the cost of Blue subscription can increase from Rs 600 to around Rs 900. In this case, if the payment is made through the website, then the price will be Rs.600, but if the payment is made through the iPhone app, then the price can increase to around Rs.900. Reports suggest that the move is a pushback against Apple’s 30% cut on any payments made through apps on the iOS operating system.

Low price to be paid from website

The price of blue subscription has been kept the same on the website. Due to this, it has been written in the report that due to the low price on the website, users will go more to the platform. Due to this, there may be a decline in the number of users of the iPhone app. Along with this, it has not been clarified in the report whether there will be a change in the price for the platform as well. Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk is planning to provide different colored ticks for individuals, companies and governments with a verification service on his micro-blogging site. 

Apple rumored to be ditching the iPhone

Rumors surfaced that Twitter was being removed from Apple’s App Store, leading Musk to write various complaints with Apple in a series of tweets last week, including a 30% fee. Musk said that he would rather work with Apple than pay commissions. "go to war" were ready for. Musk then met with Apple chief executive Tim Cook at the company’s headquarters and later tweeted that the misunderstanding about Twitter being removed from Apple’s App Store had been cleared.

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