Screen sharing will be able to do during video calls on WhatsApp, Meta added a new feature

Screen sharing will be able to do during video calls on WhatsApp, Meta added a new feature

There is good news for the users of popular messenger WhatsApp. You can now do screen sharing (WhatsApp screen sharing) during video calls on it. WhatsApp has introduced this new feature Screen Sharing feature. The company says that with this feature, the experience of video calling becomes very special. Reportedly, it is competing with traditional video conferencing apps including Microsoft Meet, Google Meet and Zoom as well as Apple’s FaceTime.

Mark Zuckerberg announced< /h3>

According to the news, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of WhatsApp’s parent company Meta, announced this feature on Tuesday through a Facebook post and his Instagram channel. This new feature allows you to share your documents, photos and even your shopping cart with available contacts over video calls. Let us tell you, WhatsApp released this feature for some beta testers on Android in late May 2023.

Can be accessed from the ‘Share’ icon

Zuckerberg says that screen sharing on WhatsApp can be accessed by tapping or clicking on the ‘Share’ icon. According to the news of TechCrunch, users can choose between sharing a particular app or their full screen. This is exactly how screen sharing works on specialized video conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Zoom. According to the news, the screen sharing feature (WhatsApp screen sharing feature) has been started rolling out phase wise on Android, iOS and Windows desktop. That is, if you do not see this facility immediately, do not worry, it will be visible soon.

Video calling started in November 2016

Video calling ( WhatsApp video calling has been a part of WhatsApp for more than six years, as it was launched in November 2016 for all users on the platform. In recent times, WhatsApp is continuously adding its new features. Improving service. The company recently brought picture-in-picture support for video calls on WhatsApp iOS. Also enabled the option to share short video messages in chat.

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