Schedule a meeting in Google Meet like this, learn step by step

Google Meet Meeting Schedule: Google Meet is a great app. People are using this app on a large scale for meetings. Since the Corona epidemic, many people are still doing work from home. For this reason, people are using this app a lot to talk to each other on video conferencing, meetings, interviews and video calls. This app allows you to make chat, voice calls and video calls.

How to schedule a meeting in Google Meet

  • Open Google Meet app on your computer, laptop or mobile.
  • Now tap on New Meeting option.
  • After this you will see many options. This will include Create a Meeting for Later, Start an Instant and Meeting Schedule in Google Calendar.
  • Now you have to click on Create a meeting for later option.
  • After this you have to You will get a link, copy that link with whom you want to have a meeting, send it to those members.
  • Now after all this, when you have to have a meeting, then you can join by clicking on that link.

Additionally, you can also start your meeting by opening the Google Meet app, tapping on Enter a Code or Link option there, pasting the link on the given option. Apart from this, you can go to Google Calendar by clicking or tapping on Schedule in Google Calendar.

Note: You can easily schedule your meeting in Google Meet using these methods mentioned above on your computer, laptop or Android smartphone.

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