Samsung will now bring a foldable tablet after mobile, the company is preparing

Samsung will now bring a foldable tablet after mobile, the company is preparing

You have already come face to face with the foldable phone. Now be ready for samsung foldable tablet. South Korean electronics company Samsung said on Thursday that it is preparing to launch its foldable tablet in the coming times. Earlier, the company had brought out the foldable mobile in the market. According to the news of IANS, some time ago the company launched the foldable phone Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Foldables in another category like tablet-PC 

According to the news, TM Roh, president and head of MX business of Samsung Electronics, said that foldables will expand into other categories like tablets and PCs and its development will continue even after that. Android Folding Tablet is a very good product category where we can implement the foldable. Regarding the foldable segment, Roh said that people read books or use notebooks. This can also be used in the same way. can be kept safe. Samsung says that now we have implemented it in smartphones, we will further implement it in tablets and laptops as well. We are working on a lot of things for this so that we can be confident that this product is ready to be delivered to the users. Last month, the company launched ‘Galaxy Z Flip 5’ and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 5’ in the foldable segment.

Many other companies including Samsung are also continuously introducing their products in the foldable phone segment. The segment is also witnessing growth in shipments.

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