Samsung 200MP Camera: Which Samsung smartphone can come with 200 megapixel camera, here are the complete details

Samsung 200MP Camera Smartphone: Samsung announced its 200MP camera sensor, the ISOCELL HP1, in 2021, however, the company has not yet included the sensor in any of its flagship series. Other brands like Motorola and Xiaomi have already decided to include Samsung’s 200MP sensor before the company can use it on one of its devices. According to a report, Samsung is upgrading its most resolution camera sensor to include it as the primary camera in the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. The upgraded 200MP sensor will be known as ISOCELL HP3.

200MP, no other technical details have been announced about the ISOCELL HP3 yet. The report suggests that the difference between the HP1 and HP3 sensors can be narrowed down a bit, given the frequent repetition of Samsung’s 108MP camera sensor. Hardware upgrades from HP1 to HP3 are likely to be minor, with changes focused primarily on computational algorithmic improvements.

A 200MP sensor may sound like a lot, however, flagship chipsets like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 may support it as the maximum single-camera resolution. In 2021, Samsung’s mobile camera chief shared a video to explain the features and benefits of the first 200MP HP1 ISOCELL sensor. This video will give some hints about the improvements to be included in the HP3 sensor.

Furthermore, Nanocell pixel-binning helps to deliver the ideal pixel size on such high-resolution cameras. However, Samsung has proved that it can overcome most of the shortcomings in its 108MP sensor which offers smaller pixels. Users will have to wait to know what new level of details the 200MP ISOCELL HP3 will bring.

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