Relying on job offers on WhatsApp can be costly, such accounts are being empty in the name of job

Relying on job offers on WhatsApp can be costly, such accounts are being empty in the name of job

WhatsApp Job Scam: More than 550 million people use WhatsApp in India. Due to such a large number of userbase, scammers are making people their victims with this app. Recently, a job offer received on WhatsApp by a Mumbai-based football coach turned out to be costly and he handed over Rs 10 of his hard-earned money to a thug. The victim has been identified as Joel Chetty (28 years). On August 16, a person contacted him through WhatsApp and talked about a part-time job.  

The scammer asked Joel to send a screenshot by subscribing to a YouTube channel and liking its content. In return, they were also told to get good money. The football coach agreed to this and was given a link by the scammer in which he was asked to fill all the details. Initially he got Rs 150, after that Rs 2800 was transferred to him by the scammers. As soon as the scammer felt that Joel was now convinced of the work, he asked Joel to pay Rs 9000 to open an account. After this, 40,000 rupees were taken from the person again in the name of the task. In this way, the scammer looted a total of Rs 9,87,620 from Joel between 16 and 21 August.

As soon as Joel told this to his sister, she felt that Joel had become a victim of a scam and she immediately reported the matter to the police and got an FIR registered.

People are facing these mistakes  

Do not be a victim of scam, so always verify the caller or sender first. If someone is offering you good money in exchange for work, then check it too and do not start work without knowing anything. Do not share your personal details with anyone under any circumstances. If any unknown person approaches you for a job on WhatsApp, be careful and block and report the number.

Keep in mind that in less time, more money can never be earned. If someone is talking about earning more money in a hurry, then stay away from such a person also because they can make you a victim of scam.   

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