Prepaid Plans: Vodafone’s new prepaid plan launched with more than 2 GB daily data, this plan of Jio is also not less

Vodafone idea Prepaid Plan: Vodafone Idea (VI) is currently facing a huge decline in the number of its users. The main reason for which is also the commencement of 5G service of Airtel and Jio. To bring back its customers, Voda Idea is giving additional benefits by making changes in its prepaid plans. Voda Idea recently launched some new postpaid plans and now the company has launched a new unlimited prepaid plan priced at Rs 2,999.

Voda Idea Annual Plan

The new plan of Voda Idea has been introduced with a validity of 365 days. In which the user will be given 865GB internet data for one year with unlimited STD and local calling. Apart from this, the consumer also gets 100 SMS per day. If a user spends his 850 GB data, then after that he will be charged 50 paise per MB. Similarly, if a user uses 100 SMS, he will be charged Re 1 for local SMS and Rs 1.5 per SMS for international messaging. At the same time, users also get the facility of unlimited data till 12am-6am in the night.

If the consumer wants, he can also take plans of different limits. On taking the monthly plan for Rs 230 for 28 days, in which 2.33 GB data is available per day. But since the company has offered bulk data plan. Since then the benefits given under the Hero plan have been removed. Under which the data of the users was rolled over every week. Along with this, data benefits of up to 2 GB were also available every month.

Jio Annual Plan

On the other hand, if you take Jio’s annual plan, then you are given unlimited local and STD calling, 2.5 GB data per day, ie 912.5 GB data for one year and 100 SMS per day in the plan of 2,999.

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