People who are crazy about this one cool feature in iPhone 14, know which changes of Apple ruled the hearts of fans

Apple iPhone 14 fans are eagerly counting down the days for its launch. This phone is going to be launched this year, although many rumors are flying about it. There are constant new revelations about the iPhone 14 series. Recently a new revelation has come, which has made the fans crazy. According to the report, the Apple iPhone 14 will have a new one with autofocus. "high-end" There will be a front-facing camera, which has been made in South Korea for the first time. After all, keep reading to know the whole thing.

What’s special about iPhone 14

Apple brand has made some changes in the camera of iPhone 14. front-facing camera "high-end" Reclassified quality issues with components and Chinese suppliers. The new front-facing camera is believed to cost almost three times more than the camera units of the previous iPhone model.

iPhone 14 Camera will have this feature