People read open WhatsApp chats on desktop? This trick will blur the message… will remain secure till the name

WhatsApp: Millions of people around the world use WhatsApp for personal and professional communication. The most important thing about WhatsApp is that its interface is very easy and you can use it on mobile as well as on desktop. Many people do this too. People turn on WhatsApp on the desktop in the office. This makes communication easy, but when an employee sitting next to you starts reading the chat or snooping, the atmosphere becomes annoying.

How to blur WhatsApp

Many people are facing this problem in the office. When he is using WhatsApp on desktop or PC in the office and someone passes by, he catches a glimpse of the opened WhatsApp chat. Because of this people get in trouble. Many people archive chats as a solution, but a web extension called  WA Web Plus can help users overcome this problem. This web extension is available on the Chrome Store. Once enabled, it will blur your recent messages, contact names and contact photos so that no one can see them.

How to use this web extension?

  • Open Chrome Web Store and "WA Web Plus for WhatsApp" Search.
  • "add to chrome" Tap on the button.
  • Now a new shortcut for the extension will show on the toolbar.
  • Tap on the shortcut to launch WhatsApp.
  • Extension’s Tap the shortcut again to open the menu.

Note: WA Web Plus extension apart from blurring WhatsApp also allows users to set a lock screen password to protect chats when they are away from their computer. This will come in handy if you leave your PC while taking a lunch break or during other work. 
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