Password Alert: Delhi Police issued alert regarding password, even a small mistake will cost heavily

Password Alert: Delhi Police issued alert regarding password, even a small mistake will cost heavily

Alert: In the festive season, Delhi Police has issued a warning to the common people regarding cyber attacks. In this warning, Delhi Police has made it clear that you should not forget the passwords of your banking and social media accounts. Should not be kept the same. Also, the police has made it clear that hackers have become very vicious, so to protect your password, you should change it from time to time, so that you always remain one step ahead of cyber criminals.

Do not keep the password in your name

Delhi Police has released a post from its Never create a password based on your name. Also, the police has instructed not to share photographs and personal information with unknown people.


#SafeSaturday ~ While chatting online, keep these safety tips in mind and talk openly with those close to you.#CyberAwarenessMonth#CyberSecurity

— Delhi Police (@DelhiPolice) October 28, 2023

Please check the friend list of the person with whom you are connected online. Do not turn on the camera of your phone or laptop while chatting. Police have said that use strong passwords in all accounts. Do not use numbers, special characters, words etc. for a strong password. Do not use your name in the password.


Using the same password for multiple accounts can be risky.
Stay one step ahead of hackers! 🚫 Avoid weak passwords and never reuse them.

Report cyber crime @

— Delhi Police (@DelhiPolice) October 29, 2023


What to do if you become a victim of cyber crime

If you are a victim of any cyber crime, then you should complain about it without any delay by visiting the website You can also complain about cyber crime and fraud by dialing 1930. Complaints about any kind of cyber crime, fraud etc. can be made on this portal. On this site you can complain about pornography, sexual content, online financial fraud, ransomware, hacking, cryptocurrency and online cyber trafficking.

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