Parking will be paid with FASTag, say bye-bye to congestion

Parking will be paid with FASTag, say bye-bye to congestion

Pay with FASTag : Do you use FASTag? Even if they do, for what purpose do they do it? To deduct tax at toll plaza, so that you don’t have to stand in long queues? How would you feel if we tell you that now FASTag can be used for car parking? Might have felt strange for a moment, but it is true. You must have taken a slip to park the car somewhere before. Then when you leave with the car, you will have to pay according to the time. However, now the payment will be fastag. 

Where will this facility be?

This facility of paying with Fastag will be available at the airport at present. You will now be able to pay parking fees using Paytm Fastag at the parking lot of the airport. This facility has been started in select airport parking lots in India. This facility has also been started at Patna airport. Earlier, car owners had to go through the hassle of paying cash to park their vehicles at the airport.  Using FASTag, customers can now pay their parking charges without the need for cash transactions.

Why was this facility introduced?

If there is a question why there was a need to start this facility? So the direct answer is related to the toll plaza. We use fastag at toll plaza to avoid long queues. The facility of payment through FASTag has also been started at the airport only so that the problem of overcrowding is not seen at the parking lot of the airport. The technology behind this payment system relies on FASTag, which is an electronic toll collection system. As soon as a vehicle with FASTag reaches the entry or exit point, a sensor reads the RFID sticker attached to the vehicle. Thereafter, it automatically deducts the parking fee from the user’s Paytm wallet or the account linked to their FASTag.

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