Optical Illusion: The truth about the iPhone in the girl’s hand in a 150-year-old picture!

Viral Photo : iPhone is the most popular smartphone of all time. The oldest iPhone was introduced in 2007. Now look, the name of the iPhone is on every tongue. This year the iPhone 14 series has been launched, but a 150-year-old viral picture has left people stunned.

Some people see the iPhone in a 150-year-old painting. Ever since people got this painting, various things are being done. Some are considering it as fake and some are believing it to be true. Take a look and tell whether you can also see the iPhone in the girl’s hand in this picture. Well, let’s know what is the truth of this picture.

People show iPhone in girl’s hand

The painting in question is called ‘The Expected One‘ is known as. It was created in 1860 by the Austrian painter Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. In the painting, a teenage girl is seen walking on a path between the mountains. A little further along the way, a boy with flowers in his hands is seen waiting impatiently, but the strangest part of the painting is a small rectangular box in the girl’s hand which she is watching carefully, some believe that the box is an iPhone and she is scrolling the iPhone.

The truth of a 150 year old picture

The first person to start this whole argument is Peter Russell. According to a VICE report, Russell and his friends were visiting an art museum that houses works from the 18th and 19th centuries. This is where Russell looked at The Expected One and immediately said that the girl in the painting had an iPhone. Now what is the truth? Let’s say.

The answer is quite simple and sadly it is not that interesting. Art experts have revealed that the girl is only holding a prayer book. This picture is showing the difference between a girl who is devoted to her faith and a man who is trying to show affection to her, but imagining things this way is definitely fun!

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