OpenAI introduced new Dall-E 3 AI tool, know how it will be useful for you?

OpenAI introduced new Dall-E 3 AI tool, know how it will be useful for you?

Dall-E 3 text to image tool: Open AI on Wednesday introduced the latest edition of its text-to-image tool. Dall-E 3 tool can generate the best image and its labels for you based on the text prompt. For this, this tool takes the help of Chat GPT. Open AI said the new Dall-E 3 will be available via API to ChatGPT Plus and enterprise customers in October. The Dall-E 3 is also capable of producing better written text (such as labels and signs) within photos than before. Earlier, what used to happen was that even after simple and direct commands, the tools struggled to generate text. The company claims that the Dall-E 3 can transform microscopic requests into highly detailed and accurate images.

Better security than ever 

OpenAI said that the latest version of the tool will have more security measures than before, such as limiting it from generating violent, adult or hateful content. That means, on entering such a prompt, this tool will not give you any result and will show a flash message. Apart from this, creators can keep their work out of text-to-image training if they wish. This means that if a creator does not want his work to be used to train AI tools, then he can do so.  

Open AI is getting tough competition

Apart from Open AI, there are many companies in the race for text-to-image AI tool. Open AI is facing competition from Alibaba’s Tongyi Wanxiang, MidJourney and Stability AI. Everyone is preparing their tools to give the best output. However, there are many concerns about the new text-to-image AI tool. Some time ago, a court in Washington DC had ruled that photos made by AI without any human input cannot be used further under American law. 

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